Phone 01205 722923 for Info
or for new membership.

Next Meeting:

22nd October 2017
8:00 sign on.

The presentation evening is on April 22nd. at the Chalet Park. Order your tickets by April 8th.

John Nicholls

Please send a stamped, self addressed envelope to the address in the contact
page for entry forms and info.Or click here to dowload.

It would be great to see the sidecar class revived, also the Quads, so if you are a sidecar or quad racer why not get together with some friends and come along. Spread the word.




to the Mablethorpe Motor Cycle Sand Racing Club's official website.
Mablethorpe is a small seaside town noted for it’s Beaches, located on the east coast of England between Skegness and Cleethorpes.

The club was formed in 1970 and is now in it's 46th racing season.

Racing takes place on the Main Beach during the winter months.

John Nicholls....Treasurer. ( Director )
Marie Nicholls...Secretary. ( Director )
Neil Tuxworth....Chairman.
Steve Lomas......Clerk of the Course.
Trevor Riggall....Deputy Clerk of the Course.
Martin Moses.
Ava Moses.
Ron Wagstaff.
Brian Streets.
Martin Streets.
Mark Beeton.
Steve Cook.
Jim King.
Carl Smith.
Stephen Cook.
Mick Scarfe


The club is in need of some permanent, reliable, dedicated marshals , we  only need  four people over sixteen years old preferably not attached to any of the entrants, anyone interested please Email John.

All Competitors MUST park on the Beach or Dunes car park, not on the car parks over the  public highway, we are only insured for the Beach area, anyone ignoring this request will be excluded from the meeting.

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